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Bara Herbs Visitor Center

Where history, technology and nature meet

About Us

Bara Herbs was founded 20 years ago by Sharon and Rian Kotzer from Kibbutz Ein Hashofet, who felt the time was ripe for advancing modern herbal medicine in Israel. Their drive, fueled by a genuine passion, has brought Bara Herbs to where it is today: a factory using the most cutting-edge technology for the production of herbal-based supplements, located in the Yokne’am High-Tech Park.

Bara Herbs has set its goal: to define the “new world of medicinal herbs,” through investing in product R&D and providing advanced therapies, appropriate to the needs of modern society in the 21st century.


We invite you for a visit, which will allow you to explore and learn all about the fascinating world of medicinal herbs, at a unique place which combines nature, healing, and ancient traditions with modern technology and science.

About The Tour

  • Gathering and refreshments.


  • The tour begins with a guided herb-walk in the medicinal herb garden, where more than 100 species of different medicinal herbs from around the world, grow adjacent to a natural grove. During the herb-walk, you will be acquainted with the various plants, and will get a unique opportunity to smell, taste and learn all about their medicinal properties and uses.


  • The next stop following the herb-walk is the Production Plant. There, you will have the opportunity to closely observe the complete herbal extraction process, and learn from Bara Herbs’ experts about traditional extraction processes vis-a-vis modern, advanced extraction means, which are based on technological innovation and science. You will be introduced to an innovative, patent-protected extraction machine, which was specifically designed to enable an optimized, accelerated and efficient extraction of herbal active constituents – in a quality assured manner.


  • Thereafter, we will visit the Chinese Pharmacy, which constitutes a reduced scale model of a true traditional pharmacy – just like in the olden days! You will learn why it is important to preserve and combine traditional preparation and dispensing methods with modern ones, as we believe it is the best way to provide unique and effective solutions to a wide range of health problems.


  • The tour will be accompanied by a video, followed by a talk delivered by a professional herbalist, and the introduction of Bara Herbs’ high quality herbal-based products, including herbal extracts, natural cosmetics and much more!


  • The tour ends at Bara Herbs Concept Store, which offers a variety of herbal formulas inspired by traditional medicine from around the world, developed according to state-of-the-art research, and the vast know-how gained by Bara Herbs’ herbalists through clinical experience.


Duration: 90 min.

Price per person: NIS 49

For additional information, please contact Efrat on 050-2249020.




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