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About Us

Bara herbs Ltd was established two decades ago by Sharon Kotzer, a UK qualified medical herbalist. After his return to Israel from his 4-year studies in the College of Phytotherapy, England, Sharon Kotzer set up a herbal medicine clinic, named ‘Bara-Herbs’, in Ein Ha’shofet – the kibutz in which he was born and raised.

The essence of the name ‘Bara’ is derived from the words ‘creation’ and ‘health’ – which come from the same word family in Hebrew. The name Bara depicts both the concept and the vision of the company, namely, the use by mankind of medicinal herbs – that form part of the entire creation – for supporting the general health and wellness of people. 

Soon after its establishment, Bara clinic became a byword for excellence in the whole region, attracting numerous patients who wanted to benefit from Sharon’s knowledge and the powerful medicinal herbs he used. Thereafter, the establishment of a small manufacturing plant of quality herbal extracts became practically inevitable. In order to satisfy the needs of the expanding clinic, allowing as many people as possible to benefit from the highest quality herbal products, Sharon set up a boutique manufacturing plant, one of its kind in Israel, consisting in its entirety of medicinal herbs. Ever since, Bara Herbs has been engaging in the development and production of high quality herbal-based products, known for their diversity and the therapeutic creativity they offer – based on sound clinical experience. Combining clinical experience, with quality raw materials and innovative production techniques, allows for the development of a wide range of products – all sharing the same common factor – they simply work!

חנות אונליין ברא צמחים


‘Bara Herbs’ Production Center consists of an R&D department, headed by Sharon Kotzer, a production line and an experienced team of professionals, who deal daily with a rare combination comprising tradition, technology and excellent raw materials. The plant operates under the supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Health, and conforms to the strictest industrial standards, including:

  • GMP
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22000

Bara Herbs imports  raw materials and dry extracts of the highest quality from various countries around the globe, including India, China, Taiwan, UK, France, Greece, USA, Costa-Rica and more.

Over the years, Bara has developed a wide range of products applicable to the various aspects of life required for maintaining good health. In the Bara Concept Stores you will find a large range of select herbal products. Aromatic infusions, natural therapeutic skin care, a maternity department and a line of herbaceuticals designed to address a wide spectrum of conditions.

Bara Herbs incorporates all its functions under one umbrella: a Professional Support department offering professional guidance to practitioners, Customer Service department which operate on a daily basis, R&D department, and an advance production line.

Bara Herbs is dedicated to providing quality herbal-based products for the benefit of all people, while protecting and preserving the environment, investing in quality and believing in excellence.




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